All Time Low

"I'm Not Fucking Sharing!"

Full Name: Alexander William Gaskarth.
Birthday: December 14, 1987
Relationship Status: Dating Lisa Ruocco
Pets: Dog (Sebastian)
Favorite Movie: The Fifth Element
Facts: Originally from Essex, England. Alex wrote "Lullabies" as a way to vent after his brother committed suicide. Has a huge crush on Keira Knightley, loves to say "Fuck," loves peanut butter, is lactose intolerant. He loves to eat cups of noodles. The second time Alex had sex, the girl's brother came home early. Alex jumped out of her window and ran to Rian's house with the girl's brother chasing him! Once, onstage, Alex ripped the crotch of his pants from the front to the back. His penis sits to the left. The first song he learned on the guitar was "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana. Went to Dulaney high with Jack and Rian. He's a huge nerd, He loves fantasy novels, comics, and video games. He could name all 150 Pokemon. Alex wanted to go into music after watching Blink-182's "The Urethra Chronicles 2" DVD. If he was never in a band, Alex would be a veterinarian.

Alex & Lisa