All Time Low

"A.F.L. Always Fuckin' Late. Seniors '09 Bitch."

Full Name: Robert Rian Dawson
Birthday: December 18, 1987
Relationship Status: Single
Facts: His first tattoo was a Blink-182 bunny on his right upper arm. His favorite drummers are Travis Barker and Tayor Hawkins. Rian is obsessed with oral hygiene. Was first approached by Jack when he asked Rian if he liked a band called, "Face to Face." Went to Dulaney High with Alex and Jack.Rian's pet peeves are bad grammar and rude people. His first job was cutting lawns. His nickname is RiGuy. He loves mayonnaise. Rian has two scars on his head when Alex broke the break-away mug on his head in the music video for "Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't).