All Time Low

"We didn't want to die, so we didn't let Jack drive."

Full Name: Zachary Steven Merrick
Birthday: April 21, 1988
Relationship Status: Unknown
Facts: Zack surfs, does photography, works out A LOT! He was on MTV's Exposed and won! (Want proof, here, he is colorblind, has the most tattoos out of anyone in the band, Zack's eyes are hazel and his original hair color is black. He absolutely loves ketchup. He got his first kiss playing a game like spin the bottle. He likes being shirtless when it's hot or when he doesn't have to wear one. Zack regrets sending drunk texts. He thinks it would be fun to compete in weight lifting in the Olympics. He would like to live in the 80's since his favorite movies are from that period in time.