All Time Low

Welcome. New fans, old fans, hustlers, and All Time Low hoes.

All Time Low is a pop-punk band based in Baltimore, MD. The wonderful members are Alex Gaskarth (Vocals & Guitar), Jack Barakat (Guitar), Zack Merrick (Vocals & Bass), & Rian Dawson (Drums). If you learn about the band you will find out about the great crew they have with them. We all know Matt, Vinny, etc. It's amazing that they were just in high school when they began and got signed to Hopeless before they even graduated. Now they have changed to Interscope.   Now they have three studio albums: The Party Scene, So Wrong, It's Right, & Nothing Personal. And, they also have three EPs: The Three Words to Remember in Dealing with the End, Put Up or Shut Up, and All Time Low Live EP. They also have All Time Low: Straight to DVD. And as of June 2010 they are working on another studio album. 

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